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Electric Actuator Only

Electric Actuator Only

One of the UK biggest offering of Valve Actuation products, offering Electrically and Pneumatically Actuated Valves.


We are a distributor for Sun Yeh electric actuators. Our new website showcases the OM series, the L series and S series actuators. The Suh Yeh electric actuator range is a global brand of quarter turn actuators. The OM series and in paricular OM1 is the most popular actuator in the series. We stock OM1 to OM4 here in the UK and again ship worldwide on their products. 


We are the number 1 reseller of J+J electric actuators in the UK shipping out J+J electric actuators and JJ actuated valve assemblies. We also ship J+J actuators all over the world from here in the UK. We are pleased to offer the J+J weatherproof actuator, multi voltage connectivity via supplied external Din plugs, eliminating the need to remove the actuator's cover to connect electrically, saving time and money on installation. With selectable manual override the J+J actuator can be operated manually during commissioning, and automatically resets any actuators over-traveled whilst in manual mode, when switched back into 'Auto'. End of travel confirmation via volt free contacts for remote position indication, and an external local visual indicator lets operators see the actuators position at a glance.
A top mounted LED gives continuous visual indication of the actuators operational status, a constantly lit LED advises the actuator is functioning correctly. A blinking LED indicates non-operating status, either due to manual mode being selected, or the electronic torque limiter has detected a valve problem. We stock the J3CS series of universal voltage actuators and can offer legacy actuators such as the J3C range. 
Modulating functionality via the J+J digital positioning system (DPS) provides either 0-10V or 4-20mA input and corresponding output, standard or reverse acting, and the J+J battery failsafe system (BSR) provides an alternate, constantly trickle charged power supply in the event of external power interruption. The BSR can be configured normally open or normally closed. Installing both conversion kits gives failsafe modulating functionality. The J+J electric valve actuator is known as the Smart Red Box for a reason. 


We offer actuated products from J+J, Sunyeh, Valpes, AVA and Allvalves.


All Valves is also a stocking distributor of AVA smart actuators and AVA basic actuators. The AVA range offers a compact solution to the quarter turn actuator market place. We stock on off actuators, failsafe and modulating AVA actuators. 

For ATEX we always look to Valpes VRX series for on off, failsafe and modulating applications. Valpes is the leader in the EU market place for ATEX approved electric actuators. We offer VRX ATEX actuators as loose actuators and as part of ATEX actuated valve assemblies. 

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