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Failsafe Actuators

Failsafe Actuators

One of Europe's leading Electric Actuator manufacturer, J+J offers multi voltage, multi function On-Off, Modulating and Failsafe actuators. Quality from Spain. 


All Valves offer a range of failsafe electric actuators, but why use failsafe electric actuators?

Failsafe actuators are exactly what they say on the tin. In normal operation and when power is available, the electric actuators will operate open / close but when the power is lost there are usually 3 methods of failsafe functionality you can expect;


1 - Battery Spring Return: Look no further than the J+J range of plug and play failsafe Battery Spring Return. When the power is lost the actuator changes from the power supply to the internal industrial batteries which will allow the actuator to open or close, depending on your requirement. The J3C range of failsafe electric covers 20Nm through to 300Nm. We also offer the Valpes ATEX approved failsafe electric actuator for ATEX approved applications that can accept battery spring return systems. 
2 - Mechanical Spring Return: We utilise our Sun Yeh S series electric actuator which is capable of 50Nm through to 260Nm using a mechanical spring rather than batteries. This unit is able to close in around 1 second on the 50nm making it an ideal choice for emergency shut down requirements. The S series is also ATEX approved making it ideal for critical applications. 
3 - Capacitor: The capacitor stores enough power that when the power is lost, the actuator will close. This is the method that the AV Actuator uses to offer very cost effective failsafe functionality. 


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