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FIP VM Diaphragm Valves

FIP VM Diaphragm Valves

Global brand of thermoplastic valves - FIP quality, made in Italy


FIP Series: VM industrial Diaphragm valve series


All Valves are now offering more than just the expected ball and butterfly valves as move to become more and more of a one stop shop for all of your valve and process product requirements. 
The VM Diaphragm Valve is equipped with a maintenance free single acting normally
closed (diaphragm type) actuator. The valve can be installed in any position


• The valve can be used with liquids and gaseous fluids, and is suitable for dirty or
abrasive media
• The ’CDSA’ (Circular Diaphragm Sealing Area), in valves up to and including
DN50, offers the following
- Uniform distribution of the pressure of the compressor on to
0 the diaphragm
- Reduction of up to 20% of the bolt tightening torque
- Reduced mechanical stress on the valve components.
- Easier internal cleaning
- Lower chance of accumulation of deposits and fluid
0 contamination, reducing the possibility of damage caused
0 by crystallisation
• Pressure rating: Maximum working pressure: up to 10 bar at 20°C
• High Kv value and reduced pressure losses
• Modular range: 5 Actuator/Diaphragm sizes for 9 valve sizes
• Easy replacement of the sealing diaphragm




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