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GE Model 1 Electric Actuator

GE Model 1 Electric Actuator

Global brand of industrial process valves in a wide range of stainless steel fittings. 


Genebre series GE-1 Model

Full GE J3 electric actuator information including actuator installation instructions and actuator wiring diagrams are available from the Download Centre 

Numerous industries really put electric actuators through their paces and they need units that are going to be extremely reliable, so, introducing the feature rich J+J multi-voltage actuator with LED status light and plug & play accessories. 

The GE J3 electric actuator is quick and easy to install, with IS0:5211 multi-flange mounting and a double square drive, allowing fast mounting to ISO:5211 valves. There is no need to remove the cover to connect GE J3 electric actuators electrically, saving installation time. Using the external DIN plugs and external wiring diagrams supplied with the actuator, installations can be pre-wired. Protection against valve jams is provided by an electronic torque limiter, which auto-relaxes the gearbox when activated, allowing the manual override to be selected to assist in clearing the jam.

The effect of condensation is eliminated by an internal thermostatic anti-condensation heater that does not require a separate independent power supply. Standard function for the GE-0 electric actuator is power open, power close, stays put on power failure.

GE J3 Electric Actuator - Standard features: All new IP65 weatherproof housing

LED status light
Plug & play failsafe and/or modulating conversion kits
4 models covering torques from 25 to 90Nm
 (2 new models: GE-05 & GE-15) 
Multi-voltage capable electric actuator
L Series = 12-24V AC or DC
H Series = 110-240V AC or DC
CE marked
Electronic torque limiter with auto gearbox relaxing
Thermostatic anti-condensation heater
Manual override
All external electrical connection via DIN plugs
External wiring diagram
Local visual position indicator
Volt free end of travel position confirmation
Multi-flange mounting to ISO:5211
Female star drive (double square)

Serial numbered and traceable

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Code Name Size Pressure Bore Material Voltage Seal Torque ISO Limit
Type IP Rating Namur Zoning Stock Price Qty  
5803-52H GE-1 ELECTRIC ACTUATOR, 85-110VAC, 55NM, POWER OPEN POWER CLOSE (ON/OFF) In Stock   £395.85

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