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SS 2 Piece Ball Valves

SS 2 Piece Ball Valves

Global brand of industrial process Ball valves in a wide range of materials and types. 


Genebre 2pc Stainless Steel Ball Valve Series

Genebre 2 piece full bore stainless steel ball valves provide unrestricted flow through the valve which minimises any pressure losses across the valve. This is the most economic solution to provide a full flow stainless steel ball valve.

2 Piece ball valves cannot be maintained in-line, they would have to be removed from the pipe line to carry out maintenance work. For this reason they are generally considered to be a throw-away item as opposed to a maintainable item. If in-line maintenance is a requirement, please select a 3 piece ball valve, as they are desgned to be maontained in-ine.

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