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EBRO Z011 Butterfly vlaves

EBRO Z011 Butterfly vlaves

Global brand of the highest Quality Butterfly Valves, German made.


EBRO SERIES Z011 - Wafer pattern butterfly valves

All Valves Online have made EBRO butterfly valves our standard valve for many years now due to its high quality performance, appearance and consistency when it comes to actuating this global brand of butterfly valve.
The Z011A is the world famous wafer pattern butterfly valve, suitable for a variety of applications with a wide range of liners available. The valve has consistent torques for actuation with low reliable torques, ISO 5211 mounting and to suit a variety of flange arrangements.
The Z011 range comes in different variations. Z011A is famous for being suitable for wide range of applications and the valve has a temperature range of -20°C to +210°C. Z011B is famous for it's vulcanised liner and still very similar qualities to the Z011A.
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