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Smart Actuators

Smart Actuators

Unique offering of compact Smart electric actuators with OLED screen, digital encoder, BUS communication and so much more. 


All Valves are pleased to now fully show the AVA Smart Actuators. AV Actuators is the new kid on the block when it comes to valve automation. The smart compact actuator range offers unique features in a such a compact and competitively priced electric actuators. All Valves believes that the AV Actuator will change how people specify and select electric actuators. 


Offering features that would normally be considered to be required but not cost effective to include are now standard features including modulating control, speed control and local control. The AV actuator has it all and will go head to head with the other 'Smart Actuators' that are in the market place. This actuator is actually very smart and is packed full with features

The word smart is used alot in our industry but the AVA truly is! The actuator has features such as digital positioning for modulating control allowing 100% accuracy and no hunting, the failsafe functionality allows a modulating failsafe electric and the local control means you can operate the actuator locally at the touch of a button. 


Add in the guaranteed 30,000 cycles, brushless motors, digital output for position confirmation/location, speed control via PWM or PULSE, wireless control and the most cost effective failsafe actuator in the market, then you will struggle to find reasons not to use the AVA! 


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