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Actuated Plastic Valves

Actuated Plastic Valves

One of the UK biggest offering of Valve Actuation products, offering Electrically Actuated Valves and Pneumatically Actuated Valves.


Actuated Plastic Ball Valve Series

All Valves are a specialist in actuated valves using actuated ball valves for various applications and industries. All Valves are a preferred distributor for Hidroten plastic valves and Cepex Extreme Ball Valves with stock of both valve brands held in the UK. We stock an extensive range of electric actuators to offer electrically actuated ball valve packages from stock on a next day delivery. We believe that we actually have one of the largest stock holdings of plastic actuated valves in the UK especially in terms of ability to turnaround same day requirements for large quantities. 

Electric actuators are used in the automation of industrial ball valves and can be found in almost every industry and every type of process plant.

They use a motor to drive an output shaft via a gearbox and in the basic on-off  form, contain internal switches and controls that automatically stop the ball valve in the open and closed positions. They are either directly mounted to the ball valve or are fitted via a mounting kit.
The industrial electric actuators we offer to create our actuated valves are from quality manufacturers that sell their products worldwide. Only products that offer durability and reliability in service achieve global sales so you can be assured of their quality.

Please note that wiring and Installation, Operation and Maintenance documents can be found here; Technical Support 
We have a number of options for your consideration, including PVC 2 and 3 way valves and ABS 2 way and 3 way valves. 


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