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Brass Ball Valves, Manual

Brass Ball Valves, Manual

A ball valve is a valve with a spherical disc with a hole through it so that when this hole is in line with both ends of the valve flow will occur. When turned through 90┬║ the hole is perpendicular to the ends and flow is blocked. 

Here you select the material of the metal ball valve you require simply by clicking the image that represents the material shown below.

Clicking the image will open a new page that allows you to select the style or type of ball valve you need. We offer a wide range of ball valves so you may need to refine your selection by repeating this step - always by clicking the image of the ball valve you need.

*Please note that over the coming weeks, Allvalves OnlineÔäó will slowly release more and more of the AVOL product range, including globe, check, gate and butterfly valves....

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