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C.I. 3 Way Ball Valves, J+J Actuator, On-Off

C.I. 3 Way Ball Valves, J+J Actuator, On-Off

One of the UK biggest offering of Valve Actuation products, offering Electrically Actuated Valves and Pneumatically Actuated Valves.


Series 966E - Electrically Actuated 3 Way Cast Iron Ball Valve


Full bore PN16 flanged cast iron 3 way ball valve, stainless ball & stem, PTFE seats and seals, fitted via a mounting kit with a J+J IP67 on-off electric actuator. Supplied fully assembled & dry bench function tested.

Function:  On-Off  (Power open, power close, stays put on mains failure)

There are 3 different flow patterns available with this motorised cast iron 3 way ball valve:

i)   3 Way L (3WL) port provides diverting flow to or from the branch port.
ii)  3 Way T (3WTM) port 'mixing' connects all 3 ports in one position allowing the media to mix into the branch port, then divert to one side in the other position.
iii) 3 Way T (3WTD) port diverting where the branch is isolated in one position allowing flow straight through the valve, then diverting the flow through the branch port in the other position.

Please select the flow pattern you require from the options below, you will be presented with a page allowing you to further refine your motorised cast iron 3 way ball valve selection. Finally you will be presented with a page with options to download a data sheet and to place your order on-line.


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