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FIP FK Butterfly Valves

FIP FK Butterfly Valves

Global brand of thermoplastic valves - FIP quality, made in Italy


FIP Series: FK Butterfly industrial butterfly valve series


FIP FK Butterfly Valve (DN40 - DN300) • Used for On/Off and control operation • Size range from DN40 up to DN300 


• Pressure rating: Maximum working pressure: up to 16 bar at 20°C (water) - DN50 and above up to 10 bar at 20°C (water) • Body material GR-PP; UV resistant 


• Full flanged body with oval holes to fit various flanging standards. Supplied with hole inserts for bolt hole centralising (up to DN 200; DN 250 & 300 are drilled according to the flange drilling required) 
• Lever operated versions are fitted with a handle locking device (with 10 ratchet positions at 10º intervals for regulating flow) 
• Option to install gearbox or actuator to the valve upper flange with standard ISO drillings 


• Optional fully lugged version with threaded 316 Stainless steel inserts to BS-EN 1092 PN10 (Formally BS4504) or ANSI 150 


• Maintenance can be carried out while the valve body is installed in line


* Also available as electrically or pneumatically actuated





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