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J+J Electric Actuators

J+J Electric Actuators

One of Europe's leading Electric Actuator manufacturer, J+J offers multi voltage, multi function On-Off, Modulating and Failsafe actuators. Quality from Spain. 


All Valves Online has always offered the J+J range of quarter turn electric actuators and even as the sole UK and German distributor of the Sun Yeh range of electric actuators, All valves still stock and supply a large quantity of J+J electric actuators each year.


The J+J range of actuators come into their own with the plug and play functionality for modulating and failsafe applications. With the ability to add and take away the failsafe and modulating functionality, they become unique in the quarter turn valve actuator market place. 


We are now showing the complete and latest range of J+J electric actuators in the form of the C series which offers IP67 as standard, domed indicator and LED actuator status light now as standard. 


The range covers 20Nm through to 300Nm in ON OFF, Modulating, Failsafe and Modulating Failsafe.

j+j actuators


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