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J4C J+J Electric Actuators

J4C J+J Electric Actuators

J4CS Electric Actuators from one of Europe's leading Electric Actuator manufacturer, J+J offers multi voltage, multi function On-Off, Modulating and Failsafe actuators. Quality from Spain. 


Brand new series from the globally known and trusted manufacturer of electric actuators, J+J. The Spanish manufacturer has launched its new series, J4C as part of a continued development program of its actuators. The J4CS claims that Smart just got even Smarter. With its Brushless motor and Bluetooth capabilities, it adds its smart features to the already impressive J3CS feature list. The J3CS was introduced a few years ago but the new J4C looks to add features that the customers have been asking for.

J4CS will once again use the patent pending universal voltage supply 24-240V as part of an auto voltage sensing system within the actuators. Electronic Torque Limiter, plug and play failsafe conversion kits make a return again with the J4C series, offering a torque output range of 20Nm to 300Nm, the J4C is sure to be well received. 

Allvalves have been selling J+J electric actuators since 2012 and have easily become the biggest reseller of the J+J actuators in the UK and Ireland with 1000s of actuators sold each year. Stocked here in Pershore, the J+J actuator range can be shipped anywhere in the world at very competitive pricing. 

Allvalves will once again be offering the latest model from J+J, the J4CS will be launched later this year. Now released, so you can see the models available within the J4C range of electric actuators below. Speak to our sales team today for more information. 





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