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IP8100X4 ATEX Positioner Rotary type

IP8100X4 ATEX Positioner Rotary type

SMC Pneumatics

SMC Positioners and Actuator Accessories are sold all over the world, highest Quality from Japan.


This product is the IP8100X14 ATEX approved linear electro pneumatic positioner suitable for 4-20ma control input/output  suitable for ATEX applications with full ATEX certification and approval. 

The IP8100X14  is the rotary type suitable for quater turn pneumatic actuators

The IP8100X14 is the entry level positioner for the SMC range and is therefore the most cost effective option on the SMC positioners. 


Please click on the link below which will take you to the SMC website for this product where you can configure the product you need and how you want it to work for you, then simply email the full product code to or call us and we can quote you for the part you require, how you require it. 

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