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J3CS J+J Electric Actuator Series

J3CS J+J Electric Actuator Series

One of Europe's leading Electric Actuator manufacturer, J+J offers multi voltage, multi function On-Off, Modulating and Failsafe actuators. Quality from Spain. 


J+J to continue to add to their impressive range of electric actuators, introducing the new J3CS range of quarter turn electric actuators. The team in Spain have spent the last few years perfecting the range which now comes with a unique multi voltage feature. No longer does the distributor have to worry about which voltage to stock or the customer has to worry about applying the incorrect voltage to the actuator. The J+J J3CS series is a universal multi voltage allowing any signal of 24V through to 240V. 

The actuator has an LED status light just like the J3C series did but now has improved function and purpose with a green light for open and red light for closed giving clear indication of the actuator status. 

J+J electric actuators now consist of J3C series for models J3CH140 and J3CL140 for 140Nm torque output and the J3CH300 and J3CL300 for 300Nm torque output. 

The J+J electric actuator series J3CS has a IP67 housing, manual override hand wheel, limit switches, LED status light and electronic torque limiter, among many other features. 

Note below you can see J3C140 and J3C300 actuator models, these will soon be the new S type. 

Make your selection of the following J+J J3CS series from J3CS20, J3CS35, J3CS55 and J3CS85:-









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