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Plastic Valves

Plastic Valves

Hand picked by the All Valves experts, a selection of some of the best value for money valves from various brands. 


Here at All Valves we believe in the customer making the choice based upon their own requirement. That is why we try, wherever possible, to work with the worlds leading brands in all things valve related. When it comes to plastic ball valves and plastic butterfly valves this is no exception. We can offer all of the leading brands including FIP valves., GF valves, Cepex valves and our main partner Hidroten valves.

In doing this we offer our customers a choice based on not only material of valves needed, including PVC-U, ABS, PVC-C, PP or PVDF, but also a particular brand they prefer or a brand that is specified on site. 

We have the following core brands as either manual plastic ball valves or manual plastic butterfly valves or actuated plastic ball valves and actuated plastic butterfly valves. We also offer a range of plastic diaphragm valves. 

The core brands offered are:

Hidroten - from Spain, this is our stocked valve for actuation, offering a range of PVC ball valves and PVC butterfly valves, we stock from 1/2" to 4" on the ball valves and 2" to 12" on the butterfly valves. These valves are also available as manual valves but our strength is in actuation. Offering, from stock, all of our valves with either an electric actuator or pneumatic actuator. Hidroten only offer PVC but with its core industries served being pools, spas and irrigation, its the perfect choice. 

FIP - from Italy, a premium brand used all around the globe. FIP offer a full range of 2 way and 3 way valves with the VKD and TKD. Available in a variety of end connections, seals and materials, FIP is the number once choice for many. Again, available on quick deliveries, available as manual or actuated. FIP also offer the FK butterfly valve range, again we can offer manual or actuated. 

GF - we dont show GF on our website currently but can be very competitive on this premium alternative brand to FIP. Offering the GF 546 PVC valve range and more again as actuated or manual. 

CEPEX - The latest addition to the family, Cepex, also from Spain, now offer the new Extreme Series and as a result, now offer a complete range of plastic ball valves for industrial use in PVC, ABS, PP, PVDF and CPVC. All valves can be actuated and we will soon be stocking a wide range of Cepex valves in stock. They also offer the Extreme butterfly valve range. 

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