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Welcome to the All Valves Online Industry Standards & Information' hub.

Here we will try to offer information that covers the industry in general, as opposed to specific product support.

For example, whereas on product pages we may show that a product is weatherproof to IP65, here we will explain what 'IP65' means in relation to valves and other components.

To start, please select from the options below; a new page will open that allows you to either download the information, or to further refine your search further. If you can't find the information you need, please email us via the 'Contact Us' section and we will try and assist you further.


 Industry Standards

 PDF  Genebre 2102 Gate Valve  What is an IP rating? This document covers the different levels of IP, IP65/IP67 etc
 PDF   Genebre 2102 Gate Valve  What is Duty Cycle? We explain the duty cycle rating of electric actuators
 PDF   Genebre 2102 Gate Valve  What is ISO 5211? We explain the ISO 5211 standard for valves and actuators
 PDF   Genebre 2102 Gate Valve  Torque Conversion Charts - We detail the converting torque from Nm into In.Lbs for US market
 PDF     Flange Tables - From PN10 to PN16 to Table from 1/2" to 12" we have it all covered here
 PDF   Genebre 2102 Gate Valve  Valve Seat Material Guide - From PTFE to EPDM, from FKM to NBR its all explained here
 PDF     Ball Valve Types - different types of ball valve design explained from 1pc, 2pc and 3pc valves
 PDF   Genebre 2102 Gate Valve  Chemical Compatibility Chart Metal Valves - Get help deciding which valve you should use for your application
 PDF   Genebre 2102 Gate Valve    Chemical Compatibility Chart Plastic Valves - Get help deciding which valve you should use for your application
PDF  Genebre 2102 Gate Valve   3 Way Flow Paths - Not sure if you need an L port or T port valve, we explain the options on flow paths available here
PDF  Genebre 2102 Gate Valve   ATEX Rating Confusing You? See here for our guide on the different ratings/ zoning for your products for ATEX area use
PDF      Fail safe Actuators? We explain the main differences and advantages of battery vs spring vs capacitor
PDF    Genebre 2102 Gate Valve  Plastic Pipe Dimensions? Helping you understand your metric and imperial pipe sizes 








Thank you for visiting the AllValves Online Product Support Section.


Thank you for visiting the AllValves Online Product Support Section.

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