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Knife Gate Valves

Knife Gate Valves

Hand picked by the All Valves experts, a selection of some of the best Knife Gate Valves from various brands. 


AllValves Online™ are now selling Knife Gate Valves. Our valves are generally a uni-directional knife gate valve targeted towards general purpose requirements.

An overview of the range would be:

Series 501 - Manually operated knife gate valves with EPDM seat Uni Directional

Series 550 - Double Acting pneumatic actuated knife gate valve

Series 507 - Lever operated knife gate valves uni directional EPDM

Series 519 - Bi Directional knife gate valve NBR gasket

Series 505 - Stainless Steel knife gate valve EPDM manually operated

Series 554 - NBR gasket double acting actuated knife gate valve

Series 553 - Stainless Steel DA knife gate valve EPDM

Series 590 - Electrically Actuated knife gate valves, cast iron NBR and SS EPDM options.





* Water and sewage plants

* Pulp and paper plant services

* Dry powder hopper isolation applications

Knife gate valve is a uni-directional or bi-directional valve designed for general industrial service applications. Knife gate valves used for pressure tight isolation of solid-liquid mixes in water and waste water treatment plants and pumping stations, paper and pulp plants, power plants and mining industry.


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